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  • 2020-07-24

    [Industry News] How to operate vending machines snack and drinks
    In the past two years, with the continuous improvement of national income, with the decline of vending machines snacks and drinks, and the maturity of the market, vending machines snacks and drinks have begun to slowly spread. After all, intelligent self-service terminal services are a big trend. Li
  • 2020-07-20

    [Industry News] Who says that coin operated water vending machine can only hold drinks?
    Who says that vending machines can only hold drinks? In the traditional sense, people thought that beverage vending machines can only store beverages for sale, but now the vending machines snack and drinks are becoming more and more diversified. At present, our vending machines are spring tracks, wh
  • 2020-07-16

    [Industry News] Is the school suitable for vending machines
    Colleges and factories are the best places to operate vending machines. If neither of these places can quickly recover costs, other places will recover more slowly. In colleges and universities, the lobby of the teaching building is an excellent location. Students can buy bottles of beverages or sna
  • 2020-07-14

    [Industry News] How to start a business while working?
    Many entrepreneurs are distressed by excessive investment pressure and high input costs.After all, for most investors, it is very difficult to bear the expenses of housing leasing, decoration, employee wages, raw material procurement and other aspects at the same time. NewSaier recommends a lower-co
  • 2020-07-14

    [Industry News] Who else needs a kick of vitamin C?
    Long-term intake of vitamin C can effectively improve the body's immunity and resistance. Spring is the season of frequent diseases, and people with poor resistance often have colds and other diseases at this time. As an antioxidant, vitamin C can protect human DNA from free radical damage. Related
  • 2020-07-06

    [Industry News] For vending machine, why the right model is more important than hard work?
    For vending machine, why the right model is more important than hard work? Unmanned sales + advertising placement, Two-pronged management, seize the opportunity, what are you still hesitating? Aging populationThe 21st century is an era of global population aging. Both developed and developing countr
  • 2020-06-16

    [Industry News] Which commercial juicers is good? How to buy commercial orange juice squeezer?
    With the improvement of the quality of life and the improvement of economic income, we are more and more demanding and demanding on food and beverages that we eat in our lives. In this regard, the editor wants to introduce you to commercial juicers. Of course, many people will ask What kind of comme
  • 2020-06-15

    [Industry News] Will there be retaliatory consumption after the epidemic?
    Will there be retaliatory consumption after the epidemic?Affected by the New Coronary Pneumonia, staying at home has become a normal lifestyle for most people. People have greatly suppressed their own consumer demand, especially the offline real economy, and the catering, entertainment, tourism and
  • 2020-06-12

    [Industry News] How to choose your own soft ice cream machine?
    1. First determine the type of taste, if it is a single taste, such as yogurt, matcha and chocolate, single-head machine can be considered, other multi-flavors, three-head machine can be selected. 2. Secondly, the estimated sales volume is based on experience and accounting, and the number of daily
  • 2020-06-11

    [Industry News] How will the self-service vending machine industry develop in the future?
    ith the development of the new retail industry, we often see that self-service vending machines include automatic juicers, snack vending machines, beverage vending machines, lunch vending machines, automatic milk vending machines, etc.; there are also new automatic coffee machines Vending machines,
  • 2020-06-09

    [Industry News] Automatic freshly ground coffee machine has great market potential
    self-service vending machines are very convenient and a huge and promising market. In comparison, the self-service vending machines placed in subway stations, high-speed rail stations, office buildings, communities, etc. are far closer to convenience stores, which is very convenient for those in urg
  • 2020-06-09

    [Industry News] How can orange juice vending machines bring you profits?
    In order to provide a chance to make money in business, you must be quick, accurate, and ruthless when choosing a project. Quick means that good projects that make money will be fleeting and have a keen insight; The quasi-self-evident means that entrepreneurship is about success rate, and the select
  • 2020-06-08

    [Industry News] How to choose a sugar cane juicer?
    Sugarcane has a lot of water and high nutritional value. For example, it contains protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. It also contains glutamic acid, serine, and alanine. Among fruits, sugar cane has the highest iron content. Squeezing sugar cane into juice has a good taste without destroy
  • 2020-06-08

    [Industry News] Machines and people, who is the master?
    Can humans get along peacefully with robots? Will AI be used to replace humans, or expand humans? Is this a question or affirmative sentence, and will eventually be clear. As we all know, we are in an era of "machine substitutions". From the unmanned shelves that broke out in 2017, to the unmanned c
  • 2020-06-05

    [Industry News] Canton Fair brings more opportunities to share development for overseas companies with China’s
    New Saier has attended Canton Fair for more than 10 times. The 127th Canton Fare will be hold online, we will be there to display our product lines includes: .......产品线,配广交会图 China has a huge market with a population of nearly 1.4 billion and a strong purchasing power of more than 400 million midd
  • 2020-06-03

    [Industry News] Why choose an orange juicer vending machine?
    Why choose an orange juicer vending machine?With the rise and popularity of mobile payment in mobile phones and the constant exploration and innovation of the vending machine industry itself, vending machines as a form of new retail have also ushered in a period of rapid development. The first to be
  • 2020-05-27

    [Industry News] Features of the new unmanned vending machine
    Welcome to use our orange juice vending machines to build your new business in shopping centers, schools, stations, restaurants and hotels, etc.Don't hesitate, don't worry.Eye-catching stickers, visual production process, diverse payment methods and real-time background management are unique to our
  • 2020-05-27

    [Industry News] Vending machines are becoming more and more popular
    Let us know the significance of how helpful can be snacks and drinks vending machines can be at large railway stations. Since the place is highly crowded and busy all throughout the day vending machines add a sense of ease and even answer the availability of basic needs.Going off-site to buy snacks
  • 2020-05-28

    [Industry News] Are you still cutting pineapple with a knife?
    Hot sale pineapple peeler machine、Pineapple Coring Machine、pineapple cutter with New blade(Synthetic black gold, more sturdy) Why choose the pineapple peeler machine?I will make explain as follow: Conventional method of peeling: time-consuming and laborious, and it will be cleaned once and n
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