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How to operate vending machines snack and drinks

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In the past two years, with the continuous improvement of national income, with the decline of vending machines snacks and drinks, and the maturity of the market, vending machines snacks and drinks have begun to slowly spread. After all, intelligent self-service terminal services are a big trend. Like the growing popularity of cooling cell phones in the past, the popularity of vending machines snacks and drinks was considered an industrial revolution.

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As more consumers in the market have very good consumer demand for vending machines snacks and drinks, the huge market development and profit-making business opportunities have made more people choose vending machines snacks and drinks, so for more people, How to operate can make more money, let's take a closer look:


If you want to operate a snack and drink vending machine, the most important thing is that there are three factors. Customers who choose to drink vending machines snack and drinks need to pay attention to: 1. Location problem 2. Product selection problem 3. Commodity profit


1. Site selection:

First of all, it is necessary to select a gathering place with a large flow of people, such as stations, airports exhibition halls business districts, tourist attractions streets and squares. universities, high schools secondary schools, primary schools hospitals offices, factories, etc. These places not only have a large flow of people, but also have a long stay time, so the demand is also large. In addition, when choosing a location, it also depends on the quality of the flow of people. Its not that there are many people and the flow of people is large-its good. For example, the flow of people at the train station sign is particularly high. Its where everyone gets on and off, but everyone is busy There are very few people who stop and buy when you get on and off the bus, and it is much better to put vending machines snacks and drinks in the waiting room!


2. Product selection

Understand the age level and preferences of the crowd in the place. If it is put in office buildings, factories and parks, we can do a market survey first. Prepare some small gifts in advance, such as loose snacks in small bags, beverages in small bottles or small plush toys, the popular small things to attract customers to do questionnaires, understand customer preferences, according to the information filled by customers Proportion to select the goods. Put it in an amusement park (where there are many children), then the types of sweets will increase. If it is put in an elderly service center, soft and easily digestible food is the best choice.


3. Commodity profit

The profitability of commodities is also a key to making money. For example, the profits returned by candy and chewing gum are much greater than the value of the products sold, but your sales scale is much larger than other products, or you must be in the same position. Place more than one vending machine. Because the price of the Chinese beverage market is relatively transparent and determines the price space of beverages, the profit of selling food is greater than that of beverages, but the demand for beverage products will be greater than that of food.

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