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How to choose your own soft ice cream machine?

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Can be selected according to the following main points-choose soft ice cream vending machine :

1.First determine the type of taste, if it is a single taste, such as yogurt, matcha and chocolate, single-head machine can be considered, other multi-flavors, three-head machine can be selected.

2. Secondly, the estimated sales volume is based on experience and accounting, and the number of daily sales is estimated, so that it can be determined whether it is a vertical or desktop machine. Generally, if the daily sales volume is less than 200copies, it can be considered that the desktop machine can be basically satisfied. The output of the general desktop machine can reach 200-500 copies/hour, so that the highest cost performance can be achieved; other vertical machines can be considered.

soft ice cream vending machine

3. Finally, according to the product characteristics, you can choose to have a pump or a self-flowing type. If it is a single taste, such as yogurt and chocolate, you can consider a self-flowing machine. Others from the taste and cost considerations, you can choose a pumping machine.

4. In addition, for comprehensive considerations such as sanitation, safety, efficiency improvement, manpower saving, and convenient management, consider choosing a pasteurization machine.

5. Buy big brand machines as much as possible, so that there are fewer problems in the production process, good continuous stability, longer service life, and better taste.

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