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Automatic freshly ground coffee machine has great market potential

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Self-service vending machines are very convenient and a huge and promising market. In comparison, the self-service vending machines placed in subway stations, high-speed rail stations, office buildings, communities, etc. are far closer to convenience stores, which is very convenient for those in urgent need. 

coffee vending machine

 Coffee currently has a market size of 70 billion yuan, instant coffee accounts for 50 billion yuan, while freshly ground coffee only has 20 billion yuan. On the one hand, coffee has become more and more affordable as niche beverages demanded by places become functional daily beverages. On the other hand, under the tide of consumption upgrade, more and more consumers will be willing to spend more money in exchange for more added value in the future. In the future, self-service freshly ground coffee machines with "low quality and medium prices" will usher in explosive growth. 

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