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Will there be retaliatory consumption after the epidemic?

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Affected by the New Coronary Pneumonia, staying at home has become a normal lifestyle for most people. People have greatly suppressed their own consumer demand, especially the offline real economy, and the catering, entertainment, tourism and other industries have suffered greatly.

Fortunately, with the effective progress of the epidemic prevention and control work, this epidemic is about to usher in an inflection point, and the subsequent consumption recovery will be just around the corner;

The desire for consumption is unprecedentedly strong, and there will be "revenge consumption" after the epidemic. Catering/hotels/tourism/entertainment will rise in a straight line, and the tertiary industry will generally welcome spring

There is no doubt that the ice cream vending machines in the tertiary industry to become the best partner for cross-border business will be the best investment venture this year;

ice cream vending machine

Newsaier automatic ice cream vending machine, "small footprint, highly intelligent, low labor cost", open 24 hours, automatic sales, support banknote/coin/credit card and other payment methods, smart saas cloud management system , Everything you see is in the cloud,

One kind of milk puree/three jams/three toppings, randomly matched with various flavors, the fastest 15s out of the cup, these distinctive features make the ice cream vending machine become an entrepreneurial magic in the era of the Internet of Things. , Shopping malls, children's city, video game city, cinema, tourist attractions, high-speed rail, food court, KTV, school, etc.;

NewSaier automatic ice cream machine, fully automated, intelligent , scenario-based and interactive, perfectly integrates the online and offline consumption channels of ice cream, and creates a wealth road with low threshold, light risk and high income

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