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For vending machine, why the right model is more important than hard work?

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Unmanned sales + advertising placement, Two-pronged management, seize the opportunity, what are you still hesitating?


Aging population

The 21st century is an era of global population aging. Both developed and developing countries will face the challenges and opportunities of population aging. Affected by the aging, "outdoor retail" competition is relatively fierce. The unmanned vending machine, as a new automatic money-making project, has become the "fat meat" in the eyes of many young generation entrepreneurs

orange juice vending machine

Expensive Labor and rent cost

In recent years, pressure on rents and labor costs for small and medium-sized shops has continued to rise. Among them, more than 40% of the labor costs of enterprises and stores increased; meanwhile, the rental costs of concessionaires increased compared with the previous year.


Product Parameter

 orange juice vending machine

Corporate Strength


Subvert the traditional business model: without any labor and store costs, save investment,open 24 hours a year, double the time to generat revenue.

orange juice vending machine

Media value-added services: perfect integration of new retail and new media, increase product information advertising channels, and conduct other media value-added services

 orange juice vending machine

Reduce the risk of germs and infection: 

Unmanned self-service, greatly reducing the spread of viruses and bacteria among banknotes, people, and commodities

 orange juice vending machine


Worry-free, time-saving, and self-developing: Self-developed intelligent data backend to realize unattended sales of equipment. Remotely operate money, goods, monitoring, data, etc. Realize full-time and part-time work with peace of mind.

orange juice vending machine

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