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Machines and people, who is the master?

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Can humans get along peacefully with robots? Will AI be used to replace humans, or expand humans? Is this a question or affirmative sentence, and will eventually be clear. As we all know, we are in an era of "machine substitutions". From the unmanned shelves that broke out in 2017, to the unmanned convenience stores that followed, to today's unmanned vending machines, more and more people are losing their jobs.


"Unmanned technology" is the eternal ideal of mankind, aiming to help mankind get rid of those repetitive and inefficient jobs with high cost and low output.

Stay away from jobs with high risk factors. This is assistance, not replacement. How to seize the opportunities of the new era, learn to change yourself; maintain lifelong learning; be good at communicating with people and machines; with these three points, there must be their own room for development. Can you become such a person? Are you still worried about human beings being replaced? 

orange juice

Come to NewSaier, take you to perceive the charm of unmanned vending machine, let you enjoy the feeling of being served efficiently by the machine. In the future, NewSaier will continue to maintain a stable growth rate in the new era,More to introduce robotic equipment that assists in humans, Speed up production and increase efficiency,

Let more cities, towns, take a bite of the most natural and original juice.

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