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Who says that coin operated water vending machine can only hold drinks?

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 In the traditional sense, people thought that coin operated water vending machine can only store beverages for sale, but now the vending machines snack and drinks are becoming more and more diversified. At present, our vending machines are spring tracks, which can hold beverages, snacks, instant noodles, seeds , Beach shoes, mobile phone accessories, commemorative coins, toys, etc. can be purchased through vending machines.

coin operated water vending machine

So what are the advantages of vending machines snack and drinks?

1. Small investment. The price of a basic vending machines snack and drinks ranges from several thousand to 30,000, small-cost entrepreneurship, low entrepreneurial risk, and additional cost of entrepreneurship. The unmanned business model is more suitable for the sales model of modern consumers, and is more recognized by consumers. welcome.

2. The product varies from place to place. Beverage retail services that are not restricted by factors such as venue, time, environment, distance, etc.; operators can analyze the consumption characteristics of the crowd according to the location of the vending machine, adjust the goods sold, promote the sale of goods, etc. Analyze what is popular in the place based on the user's purchase history, and then adjust the goods.

3. There is no intermediate process between buyers and sellers. Customers can fully understand the products, find the products they want, and then buy directly, so that each saves time and effort.

4. Self-service sales, saving costs. vending machines snack and drinks do not require manual services and lease shopfronts, reducing labor and rental costs.

5. Diversified payment methods. Payment can be made by cash, WeChat, Alipay, etc.

6. High security. The current machines are all tempered glass and advanced cold-rolled steel plate technology. The machine can be added with monitoring to make the machine safer during the entire trial period

7. Keeping up with the trend, the outlook is optimistic. With the development of the economy, consumers' consumption power has improved, people are pursuing a higher consumption experience, and the retail industry is also upgrading. As one of the important forms of new retail, vending machines have very promising prospects.

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