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Are you still cutting pineapple with a knife?

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Hot sale pineapple peeler machine、Pineapple Coring Machinepineapple cutter with New blade(Synthetic black gold, more sturdy)

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Why choose the pineapple peeler machine?

I will make explain as follow:


Conventional method of peeling: time-consuming and laborious, and it will be cleaned once and need to be processed again



Use the pineapple peeling machine: save time and effort, and can remove the pineapple skin very cleanly, and the pineapple core can also be removed directly, without secondary processing


In summary Pineapple peeler machine Advantage:

1. Simple operation, save time and effort, improve labor

2. Good peeling effect

3. The new blade is stronger

4. Fashionable and beautiful, easy to clean

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