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Why choose an orange juicer vending machine?

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With the rise and popularity of mobile payment in mobile phones and the constant exploration and innovation of the vending machine industry itself, vending machines as a form of new retail have also ushered in a period of rapid development. The first to bear the brunt: freshly squeezed juice terminals create new consumption scenarios, why is the development of freshly squeezed orange juice vending machines getting better?

orange juicer vending machine

"Orange juice is a walking culture, unlike coffee and tea are all sitting cultures." Zhou Qi, the founder of the Vigo tribe, said. In the ever-changing modern society, people are pursuing a fast and efficient lifestyle. Compared with other beverages, squeezed orange juice is more healthy and nutritious, more efficient and more efficient than slow-life beverages such as coffee and tea. "Green health" concept

orange juicer machine

The freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine has become a "net red" among many vending machines, and has spread rapidly to the whole country since 2016. Freshly squeezed juice has created a new consumption scenario of "freshly made + instant convenience" and is very popular in the market. .

Even as a whole, China's freshly squeezed juice terminals are still in the early stages of development, with more new entries and more dispersed market share. However, with the current social development and the general increase in customer demand, vending machines will become a new retail format in the future.

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