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Canton Fair brings more opportunities to share development for overseas companies with China’s

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New Saier has attended Canton Fair for more than 10 times. The 127th Canton Fare will be hold online, we will be there to display our product lines includes:

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China has a huge market with a population of nearly 1.4 billion and a strong purchasing power of more than 400 million middle-income groups. The Canton Fair Import Exhibition relies on China's ultra-large market and continuous release of consumer potential to export demand to the world, and has established a "fast track" for foreign companies and products to enter China. Exhibitors of import exhibitions are very optimistic about China's vast consumer market, and will bring high-quality products to the Chinese market with the help of the Canton Fair import exhibition stage.

The Canton Fair Import Exhibition brings together buyers and suppliers in the industry to the greatest extent, creating an all-encompassing high-end business circle. Many overseas companies cherish this platform for gathering heroes, and regard the import exhibition as a fixed place for friends to meet twice a year. They are here to compete with Taiwan, look at trends, communicate with each other, share the dividends of global economic development, and promote global trade growth. . Some person in charge of overseas enterprises said that the Canton Fair will be crucial to the development of the company, and they have fixed their participation in the Canton Fair as a company strategy. Korean companies said that the Canton Fair Import Exhibition has made the company's circle of friends bigger and bigger, and the Canton Fair has truly realized the "open the world and buy the world" all-round opening function.

In the future, the Canton Fair will continue to improve the quality and level of import exhibitions, further select global high-quality companies and brands to participate, continue to increase the invitation to high-quality buyers from China and the world, improve the participation and docking mechanism, and build a "A comprehensive platform for opening up to the outside world, allowing the people of the world to share the achievements of globalization and world trade growth.

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