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Is the school suitable for vending machines

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Colleges and factories are the best places to operate vending machines. If neither of these places can quickly recover costs, other places will recover more slowly. In colleges and universities, the lobby of the teaching building is an excellent location. Students can buy bottles of beverages or snacks after classes and classrooms. If you place a vending machine in colleges, you must choose a smart machine, which is the type that can be scanned by WeChat Alipay. As for the cash payment module, you can save it. Anyway, college students rarely bring change, and the cash payment module can save more than 2,000 yuan in costs.

The second best place in the semester is the playground. There are many students who like to play basketball. If there are vending machines next to them, they are in line with their needs, and they are not worried about low sales.

water vending machine

From the overall data, beverage vending machines in universities can fully recover costs in 10 months to 1 year, and snack vending machines can fully recover costs in 1 to 1.5 years. It will basically be pure profit in the future. Machines produced by big brands Life expectancy is about 10 years, and it can be profitable for many years. However, entering a school often requires a certain relationship or bidding for points, and services must keep up.

For those who operate vending machines, the school is a good place for everyone to rush into. First, the school has a large flow of people and a large potential demand. Second, students have a strong ability to accept new things, and they are familiar with self-service shopping. Third, students have high qualities and generally do not have uncivilized behavior that destroys machines at will.

But how long you can pay back depends on how you manage it.

If vending machines are placed downstairs in the school's sports grounds, libraries, and dormitories, all of which sell a variety of beverages, then part of the profits will be lost, and the return time will become longer. Why do you say that?

Because there is no local conditions, the different scenes and the difference in demand are ignored. If you ignore the difference in demand and use indifferent product sales, then you will naturally lose some of the profit you can get.

1. Everyone on the sports ground sweats like rain, and the demand for drinks is the biggest;

2. Everyone in the library is studying hard. Many people sit in the afternoon, and even some postgraduates can stay in the library for a whole day. For these people, foods that can supplement energy are as important as drinks;

3. There is a special place under the dormitory building. A data result shows that the socks sold downstairs in boys' dormitory are the hottest, while the panties and physiological supplies sold downstairs in girls' dormitory are the hottest. Although this result surprised many people, it is reasonable, and if you think about it, everyone knows it.

Therefore, depending on the location, the demand will also be different. Taking different commodity strategies according to different points will result in more profits than sales of indiscriminate commodities.

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