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Why are people willing to spend 10 yuan for a cup of milk tea, but not willing to spend 20 yuan for a cup of 100%  freshly squeezed juice?

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In fact, I think it's because I didn't realize the effect of freshly squeezed juice.

Frehly squeezed orange juice is a very common drink, and many people like to squeeze it by themselves at home. They know that drinking freshly squeezed orange juice is good for the body, but they don't know the benefits. So what are the effects of freshly squeezed orange juice? Friends who want to know the answer, please read the following carefully! I believe that through the following introduction, you will know the effects of freshly squeezed orange juice.

fresh juice

Prevent scurvy

After oranges are squeezed into juice, they are convenient to carry around and quench thirst. In fact, the role of orange juice is not only to quench thirst. Drinking orange juice regularly can not only prevent diseases, but also clean and fresh orange juice has the effect of beauty and beauty. Moreover, because oranges are rich in vitamin C, which supplements the daily needs of the human body, people drinking orange juice can also supplement vitamin C to prevent scurvy. It can also replenish energy. Oranges are extremely high in vitamin C.

Prevent urinary tract infection

Drivers are always afraid to drink more water, because they are afraid of being impatient. However, although such a move can avoid internal emergency, it will cause urinary tract infections over time, especially for female drivers. Drivers don't guard against keeping orange juice in the car. The more acidic fruit drinks can reduce the number of bacteria in the urinary tract, and the chance of urinary tract infections is greatly reduced. The vitamin C in orange juice can also increase the acidity of urine, making it difficult for bacteria that induce urinary tract infections to survive. In addition to orange juice, lemon tea and kiwi juice can be kept in the car. The ingredients contained in these drinks can also prevent urinary tract infections.

regain strength

Drinking orange juice after exercise, the rich fructose can quickly replenish your energy, and up to 85% of the water can quench your thirst and refresh yourself, add a little salt to drink, the effect is even more obvious.

fresh orange juice machine

Clean skin

Use a facial cleanser soaked in orange juice to wipe the facial skin. After fully absorbing it for 5 minutes, rinse it off with water. It can remove makeup and thoroughly clean the dirt and oil on the face, giving it a deep cleansing effect. Even sensitive skin can use it with confidence. But special reminder, try to avoid sun exposure after using orange juice to clean your skin.

Reduce the probability of heart disease

Drinking 3 glasses of orange juice a day can increase the high-density lipoprotein (HDL) content in the body, thereby reducing the possibility of heart disease. Orange juice contains a specific chemical component, namely flavonoids and citrin, which can promote the increase of HDL and transport the "bad" low-density lipoprotein (LDL) to the body. Some people are too lazy to eat fruit, thinking that drinking a glass of orange juice can add some vitamin C, but there is a theory that long-term orange juice is not good for the body, and the sugar intake may be higher than drinking soda, and drinking more is harmful Health, what is the fact? An Italian study pointed out that if fresh orange juice is placed for more than half an hour, the original nutrients will be wiped out; if this glass of "stale" orange juice is also added with sugar, it has higher calories than soda and higher nutrients.

After reading the effects of freshly squeezed orange juice, are you full of love for freshly squeezed orange juice? However, I suggest that it is best to squeeze it at home. The freshly squeezed orange juice in the dessert shop outside is not necessarily freshly squeezed, and there may be a lot of additives. Regular drinking may cause cancer and other diseases, so be careful. I hope the above content is helpful to everyone.



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