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The Dragon Boat Festival is coming...

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The Dragon Boat Festival is our traditional holidays, we will have 3 days off to celebrate it, from June.25-27th, and will come back on Sunday, June. 28th.

Three of the most widespread activities conducted during the Dragon Boat Festival are eating  zongzi(rice dumpling), drinking realgar wine, and racing dragon boats...

dragon boat festival

There are several different flavors for those zongzi, mainly with sweet and salty. When you taste the delicious zongzi, please also remember to drink some fresh orange juice, it will help us digest the zongzi well.


New Saier supplies different commercial juice machines, such as orange juice machine, lemon juice machine, sugarcane juice machine, commercial extractors, also some vending machines includes orange juice vending machines, soft ice cream vending machines, coffee vending machines and some other drinks vending machines...

New Saier wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival!

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