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Introduction of newsaier's orange juicer machine

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The orange juicer is cheap and widely used. The orange juicer is mainly suitable for oranges,lemon,

For freshly squeezed lemon juice, the NEW SAIER orange juicer machine has a reasonable design and is advanced in both appearance and internal structure. The lemon juice extractor The original parts that come into contact with the juice are stainless steel and non-toxic plastic polypropylene and A.B.S. It is absolutely safe to eat. The machine has compact and reasonable structure, small volume and light weight. This machine is suitable for small drink shops, fruit shops, restaurants, hotels, bars, card halls, tea shows, coffee houses, etc. It has a wide range of uses. Also applies to success People's home use. With the improvement of people's concept of dietary consumption, freshly squeezed raw juice will replace carbonated beverages as people's main beverage. The market potential is considerable. 

orange juicer

NEW SAIER freshly squeezed orange juice machine can be equipped with some other equipment according to your needs, such as cold drink machine, refrigerated display cabinet, etc. Our company provides NEW SAIER brand this equipment is widely used, and the effect is outstanding, it is more and more popular among customers, Moreover, the price of the lemon juicer is not only reasonable, but also the yield rate (Yield): 40%-50%, the output (Output): 20 oranges/min, the size of the oranges pressed by the lemon juice machine: 40-90mm (diameter).

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