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ice cream vending machine

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There’s nothing like an ice cream or popsicle a hot summer’s day. Now thanks to advanced frozen food vending machine technology,ice creams can also be bought impulsively from a vending machine With 24/7 availability consumers can indulge in cold frozen food items like orange juice and ice cream any time they like. Consumers can also treat themselves to fresh ingredients items like soft serve ice cream, orange juice, all for sale at cold food vending machines.

Advantageous Performance:

1. Low inventory Low consumption:Remote operation,remote monitoring Inventory of raw materials,

2. No need of the Internet: Self-equipped with 4G module

3. Full automatic outlet: Convenient automatic door Anti-pinch function

4. Unattended Operation: Effective cost reduction Sufficient case flow High return on investment

5. Strong cloud platform: Collect sales data,Support both PC and mobile terminals

6. Convenient pay: WeChat+Alipay

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