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Where is suitable for fresh orange juicer machine

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NEW SAIER fresh orange juicer machine is widely used in the current market: such as department stores, shopping centers, playgrounds, food centers, food stores, airports, docks, stations, pedestrian streets and other places。The investment is small, the return is high, and it is more suitable for reemployed people.  pressing lemon juice machine for  fresh orange Adopt automatic continuous juice extraction method, start the machine after putting clean fresh orange, the machine will automatically break the fresh orange, and the lemon juice extractor will squeeze the orange juice. The low price of Orange Juicer allows customers to watch the whole process of squeezing fresh orange juice, which not only attracts customers, but also allows customers to see the better production of sanitary in fresh orange juicer .

fresh orange juicer machine

NEW SAIER fresh orange juicer machine press is especially suitable for children and the elderly to drink and increase the intake of vitamin C.The juice is untouched by human hands and is not contaminated, ensuring the hygiene of drinks. Juice extractor recipes can be provided for customers to drink with confidence.The orange peel and orange core are minimally damaged during the juice extraction process, so that the bitter taste is not squeezed into the juice, so the fresh and delicious orange juice is kept, 100% original.

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