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What is a commercial juicer and how to use it

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Now we have a variety of freshly squeezed beverage shops in the streets and alleys. These original juices are also popular with many people, so many people want to be able to have such a small shop, which requires us to have a Very good commercial juicer, only good products can ensure that we have the juice that attracts users. This article briefly introduces the commercial juicer for everyone!


一、Production Introduction

The commercial juicer is a green beverage production machine. The juice extracted by this machine is freshly squeezed pure juice. One of its major features is that the juice does not contain any artificial preservatives, stabilizers, colors, and flavors , Water, etc. are essentially different from the concentrated juice, canned, bottled, flexible packaging, powdered and granular flush juices currently on the market, and their design is reasonable. Both the appearance and internal structure are advanced. The original parts in contact with the juice are all stainless steel, which is absolutely safe to eat.


When we use it, it should be placed on a stable ground or a stable platform, and then plug the power plug into a power socket with a ground wire. Before starting the machine, check whether the compression nut on the bump ball is tightened, whether the knife holder is in place, etc. When in use, put the mask on, the upper two holes into the two supports on the machine, and tighten the compression nuts on both sides to open the switch.


Before cleaning, turn off the power switch and unplug. Try to use neutral detergent when cleaning. Remove machine parts, stainless steel drawers, masks, knife holders, pickers, compression nuts, bump balls. After cleaning with water or detergent, wipe each part dry with a cloth. The machine can be directly scrubbed with a cloth and then dried with a cloth. Reinstall the parts in the reverse order when removing the parts.

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