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What if I want to drink fresh orange juice, but don't want to cut it into pieces or peel it?

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NS-2000A-1 automatic electric orange juicer machine

The following machine tells you that you can do whatever you want

  automatic electric orange juicer machine      

From the appearance of the machine, you can choose the bottom cabinet configuration of this machine, which can be placed in supermarkets, shopping malls, fruit shops, milk tea shops, etc. The vertical type can make the store look neat and generous, the desktop is more beautiful, save space

From the machine configuration, the vertical self-supporting pulley is very convenient and labor-saving to move. The desktop can also be equipped with an orange trash can to make the machine look brighter. The machine has two masks to choose from, orange and gray, these two The color will not change color after using for a long time

From the function of the machine, oranges fall automatically, squeeze juice automatically, and are equipped with a juice trough to store juice, high power, faster speed, no peeling, the principle of squeezing does not affect the taste of orange juice, in this hot summer, you can immediately Have a refreshing glass of orange juice.

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