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Vending machine operating elements ----location

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It is necessary to determine the shopping needs and purchasing power around the launch point.

 There are only two types of locations that are usually suitable for placing vending machines. One type is a place with a large flow of people, such as shopping malls, schools, hospitals, scenic spots, parks, stations, airports and other public places; the other type is a fixed number of people Places, such as office buildings, factories, industrial parks,communities,government buildings, public institutions, headquarters bases, etc.

 vending machine location

When actually putting the cabinet, more specific issues must be considered. For example, if it is put in the school, the basketball court and study room (stairway) may be more frequent consumption points; for example, scenic parks, mid-mountain gazebos or tourists At the point of rest, consumption will be more frequent. For example, no matter where it is, try to avoid putting it in the door of the toilet, and other facilities that obviously affect the mood of consumers, unless you sell toilet paper in the vending machine.

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