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The difference between soft ice cream machine and hard ice cream machine

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Ice cream vending machine - features:

 The principle of the ice cream machine is to use a compressor to reduce the temperature of the mixing tank through a refrigerant to produce a variety of delicious ice creams. The compressors used in good ice cream machines are generally expensive and have a short cooling time. Increase the production speed of ice cream. The mixing tank is generally round so that there is no dead angle in 360 degrees, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance and improves the performance of the machine. The appearance of the machine is generally made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean, clean and hygienic to increase the life of the machine, and the appearance is generous, concise and shiny. The internal control of the machine adopts a microcomputer control system with a liquid crystal display, so you can intuitively check the working status.

 ice cream vending machine



The ice cream machines generally in demand on the market are divided into two different ice cream machines, 1 is a soft ice cream machine and 2 is a hard ice cream machine. The raw materials used are also different. 1 soft ice cream powder and 2 hard ice cream powder.


Introduction of soft ice cream machine:

The ice cream made by the soft ice cream machine is very soft, and the ice cream called torch that we eat for a long time is very soft. It is as soft as noodles at home. Soft ice cream machines generally have single-head, three-head, and six-head outlet ice cream machines that can produce soft ice cream with multiple flavors.


Hard ice cream machine introduction:


The ice cream made by the hard ice cream machine is very hard. The ice cream that we eat for a long time is crooked into a ball with a spoon. The taste is harder and harder than cream ice cream. Generally, hard ice cream machines are desktop models with only one tank outlet. Can make a kind of hard ice cream.


Daily maintenance:


In order to ensure that the ice cream machine is clean and hygienic, and for the health of consumers, the inside of the machine is equipped with a cleaning function. When making samples every day, we need to dispose of the ice cream raw material liquid, because it will leave the residue inside the machine. The deterioration of raw materials causes food poisoning,

We only need to fill the bucket with clean water and put it into the ice cream machine tank and press the cleaning button to clean. Generally, the cleaning is about 1 minute at a time and repeated about 3 times.

Wash until the water out of the ice cream machine is clean. Unplug the power supply. After a long time of use, you can also disassemble the outlet of the ice cream machine to pull out the mixer

The mixer is cleaned to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. Check if the sealing ring and the agitator are damaged, replace them, or replace them as they are. Clean the condenser. Long-term use will cause the condenser fins to be covered with dust. You can use a soft brush to clean it. Do not use too much force to avoid damage. Generally clean once every 3 months to help heat dissipation and improve machine performance. If the transmission device is used for a long time, if the belt slips, the belt should be loose.

The belt should be replaced or adjusted in time due to loosening

Installation and transportation:

The machine is generally shipped through logistics, and the machine must be moved back and forth during the process. After receiving the machine, it will be left for 24 hours before use.


The condensate can be restored to stability, otherwise it will damage the machine. Installation can generally be done through the manual and drawings. It is very simple to install the handle of the discharge port and the plug of the power cord.

 soft ice cream vending machine

Machine troubleshooting


If the ice cream machine is too soft or too hard, the machine itself has its own soft and hardness adjustment function to adjust. Adding to increase the hardness of ice cream, and reducing it to increase the softness of ice cream.


The phenomenon of ice dregs in ice cream is due to the contrast of the ice cream powder, insufficient mixing, or the quality of the ice cream powder.


The east tank of the ice cream machine is caused by the fact that the water inside the ice cream machine is not clean and the ice cream powder is too much water. The machine usually has a freezing tank alarm system. If the freezing tank will stop working immediately to prevent damage, it can be removed. Turn off the power and wait for the ice cream powder to melt completely for troubleshooting. If the ice cream material is completely melted due to the freezing phenomenon caused by cleaning, start the cleaning button and start working after fully stirring. If the raw material is added with too much water, the ice cream raw material will be released after melting and the raw material is correctly compared and placed in the ice cream machine tank.


How to buy


A good ice cream machine mainly has good compressor performance and high puffing rate, so the price of ice cream machine will naturally be high, the ice cream production time is shortened, and the production efficiency is high. Each machine has a production number. The larger the value, the higher the output of the ice cream machine. The ice cream machine is more expensive. Choose a high-quality

The ice cream machine not only has stable performance, but also reduces the failure rate, ensuring the operation and supply of ice cream.

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