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Say no to brewed drinks

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Why do more and more people choose freshly squeezed orange juice?

1. With the improvement of people's quality of life, and the current popularization of the concept of "healthy" life


2. Because orange juice has many benefits, such as: improving immunity, supplementing vitamin C, reducing high blood pressure, beauty and other effects

3. Juices that need to be brewed on the market will add artificial colors, preservatives, flavors, saccharin and other ingredients that harm the human body 

So fresh and squeezed orange juice is very popular compared to brewed drinks


So what can bring you freshly squeezed orange juice?

Our electric orange juicer and orange juice vending machine


We use the principle of squeezing out the juice to take orange juice, which will not squeeze the peel of the orange, will make the juice have a sour and astringent taste, and the filter plate with a precision filter will not let the orange seeds fall into the juice. It will give you a different taste.

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