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Not all juicers are suitable for squeezing orange juice. Do you know the orange juice machine?

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How to use precious time to quickly make lemonade and orange juice? Of course it is a juicer, but the juicer mentioned here is not a general-purpose juicer or juicer, but specifically for lemons, oranges and grapefruits. Juicer made of thick orange juice with thick skin, so this juicer is also called orange juice machine.

Newsaier orange juice machine is made of stainless steel and food grade clinker material. After the test of the market, our machine is more and more stable.

orange juice machine

The machine adopts the squeezing method. After disinfection and rinsing, the fresh orange directly enters the machine, automatically peels, squeezes juice, and filters. The orange juice has no skin, no silk, no seeds, no residue, and the taste is excellent.

orange juicer

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