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New industry in the retail industry ---- ice cream vending machine

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Nowadays, in shopping malls, movie theaters, scenic spots, playgrounds, and stations, where there are large crowds and dense populations, the automatic ice cream vending machine has been become the new favorite of consumers. Let us approach the automatic ice cream machine together.

For automatic ice cream machine, the actual footprint is only 0.85 square meters, 1 kind of milk paste, 3 kinds of jam, 3 kinds of toppings, 59 kinds of flavors, fast cup speed. automatic ice cream has obvious advantages in terms of site selection, store decoration, rent, artificial capital, electricity costs, and total operating expenses.


It is not only convenient for consumers, but also convenient for merchants. Merchants can implement multi-dimensional data statistics in the background, analyze remote power on and off, and reset; lack of cups, lack of materials, and push of fault messages; night operation mode, reduce operating costs and reduce unnecessary Operational losses and improve operational efficiency. Let consumers and customers experience good service.


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