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New ideas for entrepreneurship-ice cream vending machine

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Many entrepreneurs are suffering from excessive investment pressure and high investment costs.

After all, for most investors, it is necessary to simultaneously undertake housing leasing, decoration, employee salaries,

Expenses in all aspects such as purchases are very difficult.

Here newsaier recommends a lower-cost investment project, an unmanned ice cream machine.

Newsaier's unmanned ice cream sales model can exist without relying on physical stores. The lower operating costs and lower operating risks are more attractive to investors.

The cost is low, and you can operate without a physical store.

soft ice cream

One of the main factors leading to the high cost of traditional entrepreneurship is to bear the rent, shop and employee salaries.

Unlike the newsaier ice cream vending machine, its unmanned sales model is completely independent of physical stores.

The rent is saved and the decoration is eliminated, and there is no need to hire cashiers, waiters, and cleaners. The investment cost is incredibly low.

For investors who do not have sufficient funds and whose financial sources are not particularly stable, the newsaier ice cream vending machine is obviously easier to use.

Flexible location selection and quick return to capital without long waiting

The competitive situation in traditional industries is changing rapidly, and the higher the input cost, the slower the cost recovery.

But the newsaier ice cream vending machine mode is completely free from this trouble.

In this business model, only one piece of equipment can be put into operation, and the cost is ultra-low and the return on costs is of course faster.

In addition, the newsaier ice cream vending machine is extremely flexible,

It can be operated in shopping malls, cinemas, pedestrian streets, food courts, neighborhoods, and campuses. Even if the operating efficiency is not ideal, it can be put in another location, and there is no problem of making too little money.

Go where there are more people and wherever you make more money. Of course, it will be faster to pay back.

To save time, many investors have to resign from their original jobs or abandon their original business in order to start a business.

In this way-the investment risk will also be high. If you choose a newsaier ice cream vending machine, the business does not need to quit.

The unmanned sales model belongs to the automatic sales merchants who don't have to wait all the time. It is a safe, worry-saving and time-saving entrepreneurial path to watch children and children, go to school and go to work. Good taste, taste that you can't eat in traditional stores

newsaier ice cream vending machine-kinds of milk slurry, three kinds of jam, three topping options,

You can freely combine dozens of different flavors of ice cream, many of which are simply not available in traditional ice cream shops.

Not only is it tasteful, but the ice cream from the Jibing ice cream vending machine also tastes very good.

The puffing pump we use is a self-patented intelligent unmanned ice cream machine developed to save raw materials, and the ice cream tastes great.

-A money-making model that does not require a shop

Lets compare below, who has the advantage of smart ice cream machine and traditional ice cream machine shop


●As a new sales channel advertising revenue is obvious (32-inch large horizontal screen)


●The ice cream vending machine is unmanned, which is a new retail model with great development potential


●Convenience of time: Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


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