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New entrepreneurial model-soft ice cream vending machine

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Many entrepreneurs are distressed by excessive investment pressure and high input costs.

After all, for most investors, it is very difficult to bear the expenses of housing leasing, decoration, employee salary, raw material procurement and other aspects at the same time.

Combining the above, I recommend to you a lower cost investment project-soft ice cream vending machine

ice cream vending machine for sale

The unmanned sales model belongs to automatic sales. Merchants do not have to wait all the time. You can go to work, school, and take care of children. It is a secure, worry-free, and time-saving entrepreneurial path.


①Low cost, you can operate without a physical store

Does not rely on physical stores, lower operating costs and operating risks, no need for rent, labor and other miscellaneous fees

②Flexible location selection and quick return of costs, without long waiting

It can be operated in shopping malls, cinemas, pedestrian streets, food cities, neighborhoods, and campuses.

Go wherever there are more people, go wherever you earn more, and pay back faster.

③Good taste, taste that traditional stores can't eat

soft ice cream vending machine,one milk paste, three jams, three topping options, tastes to match.

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