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Since the live broadcast of Alibaba's screen station this month,


NEW SAIER has conducted 6 live shows this month, with a total duration of over 50 hours. The number of viewers is as high as 3,000, and the activity level exceeds 4W. It has successfully ranked second in the popularity of mechanical products and appeared on the Alibaba homepage banner.

During the live broadcast, a large number of customers were attracted to watch. Sales staff and customers actively interacted with messages in the live broadcast room and left contact information. The effect was remarkable.


Although the salesmen are all new on the road, showing themselves in front of the camera for the first time, their self-confidence and calmness have greatly added points to the live broadcast effect, which is closely related to the usual solid business skills.


In the live broadcast, the anchors first introduced our various product lines, such as juicers, self-service vending machines, and coffee machines. Highlight product features, introduce product advantages, answer customer questions, explain to customers the most frequently encountered problems, etc., so that the audience in the live broadcast room has the most basic understanding of our products, and the specific application scenarios of the machine, which is convenient Different customers choose different styles according to their needs

orange juice vending machine

In the subsequent live broadcast, we took customers to visit our factories and production workshops to show customers our strong R&D and production capabilities. From sheet metal production to finished product assembly and processing, as well as rigorous quality inspection procedures, customers have full confidence in cooperation. It also showed customers the soft power of CE, ETL, CB, ISO and other certificates, as well as previous cases of cooperative customers. The company's strength is self-evident.


After these few live broadcasts, the number of inquiries and orders on the platform has continued to increase, and the confidence of the salespersons has also greatly increased. In the following live broadcasts, they will be more proficient and give customers a better product experience.

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