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How to eat oranges more effectively?

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It is easy to be dry when the autumn weather comes. This is a good time to eat oranges. Oranges are one of the best fruits at the moment. The skin is sweet and bitter and warm. It has the effect of relieving cough and reducing phlegm. It can also prevent colds and coughs, and treat symptoms such as loss of appetite . Let's take a look at the benefits of eating oranges in autumn!

fresh orange juice

1. Salted orange juice-replenish physical strength

Drinking orange juice after exercise, the rich fructose can quickly replenish physical strength, and up to 85% of water can quench thirst and refresh. Special reminder to drink the orange juice immediately after it is squeezed, otherwise the oxygen in the air will rapidly reduce its vitamin C content. Add some salt to drink, the effect is even more obvious.

Reminder: Fresh orange juice should be consumed within half an hour

2. Orange seed powder-cure rheumatism

Put the air-dried orange seeds into the pan and roast them. Be careful not to burn them when roasting, but try to dry the oil. Beat the fried orange seeds into powder, take 3~5 grams each time with boiling water, and drink after meals. Long-term adherence can treat rheumatism to a certain extent.

3. Orange petal salad-boost immunity

Orange petals contain almost all the nutrients that fruits can provide, which can enhance human immunity, promote disease recovery, and accelerate wound healing. In particular, it can supplement dietary fiber and help defecation. Smokers are especially reminded to eat more oranges, while those with gastritis and gallbladder disease should be careful to eat oranges.

4. Orange juice makeup remover-deep cleansing

Use a facial cleanser soaked in orange juice to wipe the facial skin. After fully absorbing it for 5 minutes, wash it off with water. It can remove makeup and thoroughly clean the dirt and oil on the face, giving it a deep cleansing effect. Even sensitive skin can use it with confidence. But special reminder, try to avoid sun exposure after cleaning your skin with orange juice.

5. Orange seed mask-firming skin

Mix 2 teaspoons of orange seeds into a powder with a blender and mix with distilled water to make a paste mask. Apply 1~2 times a week to improve the resistance of skin capillaries and achieve the purpose of tightening the skin. People with sensitive skin can do a skin test first, apply the homemade mask to the ear, and wash it off after 5-10 minutes. If you don’t feel uncomfortable, you can use it with peace of mind.

6. Orange petal eye mask-replenish eye moisture

Cut the orange petals into thin slices and use them as eye masks. Press gently with your fingers to help absorption, which can promote blood circulation, effectively replenish eye moisture, and play a long-term moisturizing effect.

7. Orange peel massage-eliminate cellulite

Orange peel has outstanding anti-cellulite function. Take 1/4 of the cleaned orange peel, soak it with olive oil, then massage the corresponding cellulite tissue on the body, squeeze out the juice evenly during the massage, and wash the skin with water after the massage.

8. Orange peel scrub-exfoliating

Using orange peel can remove dead skin, and at the same time it contains rich flavonoids and vitamin C, which can also promote skin metabolism and improve skin capillary resistance. Slice the orange with peel, put it into gauze, and rub it directly on rough areas such as elbows, knees, and heels to remove dead skin.

9. Orange peel sachet-hypnosis

Wrap the orange peel in muslin to make a sachet, which is not only hypnotic, but also repellent to mosquitoes. Put it in the bathroom, kitchen or refrigerator to get rid of odors and keep the air fresh.

10. Orange peel bath-moisturizing and rejuvenating

Adding a small amount of freshly cooked orange peel soup to the soup can bring refreshing.

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