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How to choose a suitable coffee machine?

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 When you want to buy a coffee machine, the price reflects the quality. In addition to the appearance of the casing you see, the focus is on the principle of brewing beans inside the machine, the manufacturing material of important parts, the overall quality, and whether there is perfect After-sales service.

coffee machine

Before preparing to buy a coffee machine, these questions can be stopped, seen, and heard:


Where will the coffee machine be used in the future? At home, in the office, or in other business places such as restaurants, cafes, etc.?


How many cups are expected to be used each month? About 30 to 80 cups, or more than 100 cups?

coffee vending machine

What is the key point of using this coffee machine? Is it mainly to make black coffee, or to make latte with automatic milk froth? Do you need to be able to make a large amount of coffee quickly and uninterrupted? Or provide a variety of drinks?


It is recommended that you think about these issues. For the greatest use, you can take a preliminary idea and ask the relevant store, seller, or any coffee maker whether they can answer the answer that satisfies you. This is the fastest way for you to find the right coffee machine, and also to prove whether the other party is a good and professional manufacturer.

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