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Hot summer is coming, what is your favourite?

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Hot summer is coming, what is your favourite?

Sun? Sea? Beach? Sunbathe? Cool juice?


Why not choose an ice cream?

Ice cream vending machines from New Saier, not only supply cool ice cream, but also a profitable investment equipment.


The ice cream vending machine is not only a simple sale, but an innovative ice cream processing factory. Therefore, you can control the quality of ice cream from the source, select superior raw materials-(bad materials will directly affect the taste, and then affect the repurchase rate). The selected raw materials are directly delivered to the self-service terminal, and users can eat ice cream in 30 seconds through the self-service terminal.

ice cream vending machine

Unlike ordinary fast-moving consumer goods vending machines, from the source to the terminal, the ice cream vending machine builds its own production base and then directly supplies its own terminal equipment, thereby forming a closed consumption loop.

New saier, is trying our best to do the whole industry chain layout to lay the foundation for future large-scale operation, at the same time meticulously make good quality.

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