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A money-making model that does not require a shop-soft ice cream vending machine

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Let's compare it below, who has the advantage of intelligent ice cream vending machine and traditional ice cream store

ice cream vending machine automaticvending machine with ice cream

32-inch large horizontal screen (can be put on the shelf advertisement) +21.6 touch screen operation page

Unmanned ice cream vending machine is a new retail model with huge development potential

Convenience of time-open 24 hours, open all year round, without manual operation

Convenience of distance-closer to consumers in distance, consumers operate by themselves

Convenience of shopping——45S quickly and intelligently cups out, saving queue time and checkout time

The ice cream vending machine occupies a small area, the placement is not restricted by the venue, and the management method is flexible

Dozens of flavors, any combination, ice cream, sundae, blizzard, wheat whirlwind, etc. can be made

ice cream vending machine automatic

Ice cream vending machine supports online payment, which is more in line with the consumption habits of young people

The company provides after-sales service, which solves investors' worries well

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