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2000E-4 automatic orange juicer extractor machine Advantage

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orange juicer machine


This is an auto feed orange juicer that we have been selling recently. On the original machine, we have made some improvements, especially our automatic basket. With an integrated design, it will not scratch oranges.

orange juice juicer machine 

Below I will introduce this orange juicer machine for you from several aspects:

About appearance

1. The stainless steel body is very delicate

2. Unique orange or gray mask

3. Beautiful and clean

About spare parts

1. Improvement of squeeze ball to increase juice yield

2. Automatically falling top frame to save time

3. Safety switch to protect the machine

4. Food-grade materials, ease of use

About warranty

1. All parts of the machine (except wearing parts) are guaranteed for one year

2. Motor warranty 5 years

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