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orange juice vending machine by newsaier

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At present, our orange juice vending machine has passed many experiments and tests, and has successfully entered major shopping malls in Shanghai. At present, the machine experience is very stable, and the operation and maintenance are also very convenient, bringing customers a convenient and healthy green life.

fresh orange juice vending machine

Next, let me introduce our orange juice vending machine:

We have two options (small footprint, easy to move with pulleys)

Large model: 3000MAXL is about 2 cubic meters, the machine has an automatic cleaning mode, and it can squeeze about 70 cups

Small model: 3000MAXS is about 1 cubic meter, can put 185 oranges, about 32 cups can be squeezed

 orange juice vending machine

Both of our machines adopt the advanced juice extraction system "whole fruit extraction" pressing method. The juice can be squeezed without removing the peel. When squeezing the juice, the pulp is squeezed into uniform fiber particles. The finished orange juice has a thick and slightly frothy texture, a smooth and full taste, and a fresh, plump color.

And our single-cup juice squeezing time averages about 40 seconds, and each cup of orange juice is squeezed from 4-5 oranges. Through the improvement of the extrusion system, we have greatly increased the "juice yield" of orange fruits, allowing consumers to enjoy the "juicy" deliciousness.

Finally, our machine has passed the professional certification and obtained the CE certification, so you can buy it with confidence.

The changes we have made are to make the machine more satisfy the customer's requirements, and keep up with the pace of society to realize our intelligent life era!

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