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how to choose an orange juice vending machine?

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 First of all, we must choose to squeeze the original juice, because this will not destroy the nutrients in it, and maintain the natural original taste. This is the most important feature of the freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine.

orange juice vending machine

The second point is simple operation and automation. A series of steps such as juice extraction, cup filling, straws and lid closing are best completed automatically in a sealed warehouse, which is safe and hygienic; the cup opening should be automatically sensed and moved with anti-pinch hands Function, which can prevent children from being injured by improper operation.


The third point, the machine can not look at the old-fashioned, it is best to choose the fashionable one, such as the visual window, which can let people see the juice extraction process, the appearance of the sticker can be customized, this will be more attractive, because the fashion, pure natural, The concept of green and health is also the lifestyle that most people are pursuing.

orange juicer vending machine

Fifth, more visits and more investigations, a lot of visits are required before placing and buying machines, to observe the low-passage passenger traffic and surrounding environment, which will save subsequent troubles.


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