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Why should you choose NewSaier Orange juice vending machine?

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NEWSAIER is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in orange juicer vending machine. Our 3000MAX-L is a real vending machine. It integrates citrus storage, cooling and squeezing functions, and can provide fresh natural orange juice in seconds. Therefore, thanks to this innovation, you can enjoy fresh juice anytime, anywhere in offices, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, supermarkets, etc.

fresh orange juice vending machine


In fact, the customer can observe how the entire pressing process is carried out, because the wide front of the machine is equipped with glass, and the fruit basket with oranges and the juice extraction part are exposed. On the other hand, in order to prevent human damage, the glass has been reinforced with a thickness of 27 mm to improve safety.


At the same time, NEWSAIER also provides drinks and snacks vending machines, you can put them together to meet customer needs for healthy drinks and healthy snacks.

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