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Why are you optimistic about the prospects of automatic coffee vending machines? NEW SAIER hopes that coffee lovers will come for a cup

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As a kind of beverage, coffee is popular all over the world. Especially in developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, coffee has become an indispensable necessity in life. In recent years, with China's economic development and the deepening of China's integration with the world, coffee has also become popular in China, especially in first-tier cities, coffee sales have accounted for 40% of the country. So what is the prospect of coffee as a beverage to join the automatic coffee vending machine? Why is coffee so popular?

Because coffee is very fragrant, drinking coffee can be very refreshing. No matter in the feudal period, people need sufficient physical energy to work, but in modern society, people need to keep their heads clear, full of energy, and full of energy to cope with the daily intense and fast-paced work life.

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Coffee is not only a drink, but also a culture. Drinking coffee in free time is a kind of romance and enjoyment, while drinking coffee in busy time is a stimulant for people to stay awake and motivated during intense work.

Therefore, coffee has increasingly become a necessary lubricant for modern fast-paced life. Manpower cannot do without coffee and does not want to leave coffee. What does this have to do with joining an automatic coffee vending machine? In the past, people had to go to coffee shops if they wanted to drink coffee, and coffee shops were generally open in blocks or shopping malls. It will undoubtedly provide great convenience when you have automatic coffee vending machines in parks, schools, general malls or even roadsides.

For example, in South Korea, coffee vending machines appeared in South Korea in 1978, which made it easy for people to drink coffee anywhere and greatly increased the consumption of coffee by Koreans. After 1990, with the prevalence of coffee vending machines and elegant coffee shops, coffee shops gradually replaced the dominant position of tea houses.

In Japan, Japan has a total of more than 5 million global vending machines. The ratio of Japanese population to the number of vending machines is 23:1, which is the highest density country in the world.

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In China, the coffee catering industry is a highly profitable industry. In fact, most offline coffee shops on the market are losing money. Just like the well-known Starbucks and COSTA large chain coffee shops, they only have a profit margin of about 12%, let alone others. Petty bourgeois cafe. Entering the coffee industry can be said to be an extremely risky move. The high profit margins of coffee products have made many entrepreneurs yearn for, and the huge costs of operating coffee shops and the less enthusiastic market atmosphere in Asia have made the coffee industry in China has repeatedly suffered.

However, offline coffee vending machines have begun to enter operations in a new retail mode. In demand scenarios, self-service meal selection and order placement services are provided through the coffee machine's online cash register system and WeChat payment function. This model solves the pain points of traditional offline coffee shops-they need to pay high decoration costs and publicity costs. Putting automatic coffee machines in shopping malls, incubators, schools, etc., this model greatly reduces fixed costs, reduces costs, and enables people who really need coffee to buy non-premium coffee.

Some people say that Japan's vending machine today is the tomorrow of China's vending machine market, and of course automatic coffee vending machines are even more so.

So what are the advantages of NEW SAIER freshly ground coffee vending machine?

The NEW SAIER automatic coffee machine is not restricted by water source, uses air as water source, and is not restricted by water source. It can produce water when electricity is available, and the financial road is not restricted by space; ready-made drinks can be made hot in winter and cold in summer.

Based on the Internet of Things architecture, sales data is collected through the background to analyze and grasp the sales status of each vending machine, intelligent cloud management platform, application of big data processing technology, real-time monitoring of sales data, remaining product statistics, and machine information at home. Reduce operating costs and reduce cargo hoarding. The background of operating equipment supports PC and mobile multi-terminal control. Equipment failures can be warned in advance, which is convenient for operation and maintenance personnel to find and deal with in time.

NEW SAIER coffee vending machine, fast life and slow taste

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