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Why are ice cream vending machines so popular?

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In recent years, there have been more and more various vending machines on the market, and many people are very confused about this. In terms of vending machines, domestic technology is already changing with each passing day. Why are vending machines so popular? The reasons are as follows.

ice cream

1. The investment cost is low. Compared with opening traditional offline retail convenience stores, the cost of launching vending machines is much lower than offline convenience stores. Because investing in vending machines does not require high store rents and labor costs, you can put vending machines in prime areas of the city.

2. The vending machine can operate 24 hours a day. Increase sales time and increase profit value.

3. The vending machine occupies a small area, is not affected by space, and can be flexibly placed in corners that cannot be opened by offline convenience stores.

4. Vending machines can be put in the community, downstairs of residents and above office buildings, etc., which are close to consumers and greatly increase consumers' shopping interest.



Ice cream, as a summer heat, is especially popular in summer. And with the change of people's dietary concepts, ice cream has a market all year round, and all seasons are the days for sales. The fully automated equipment of New Saier automatic ice cream machine is more convenient to use, easy to transport and store, and the cost is low. At the same time, the one-stop support policy provided by the company allows merchants to quickly open the market and effectively promote, and the development prospects are good. It is an investment project not to be missed.


Currently our ice cream vending machines are ready to be shipped to Singapore, Jamaica, Italy and Syria. If you have any idea to start your own business in a low cost, welcome to contact us immediately.


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