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Which orange juice machine is most welcome in Market from August to November?

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orange juice machine

That is our electric orange juice machine 2000E-2. This machine is one of the most efficient on the market. It can produce up to 20 oranges per minute giving you freshly squeezed orange juice every time. It's constructed of stainless steel while the operating parts are made of sold PC plastic, ensuring years of use and satisfaction. This impressive machine will easily peel and squeeze multiple oranges at once so you can enjoy as much juice as you desire. This machine can also used to Squeeze Pomegranate as well.

Technical Specifications :



Juice Capacity: 4-7 glasses per min                                      

Security: Safety cut out switch, machine will stop operating without cover the place.
High Quality Stainless Steel Case, anti-corrosion and easy to wash.

Automatic Feeding Wide commercial applications
Application : Extraction of juice automatically for commercial outlets
Warranty : 1 Year

Market: Spain, Netherlands, US, Greece, South East Asia

orange juice machine


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