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What is the difference between commercial orange juice machine and manual juice machine?

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The commercial orange juicer machine would make extracting juice from oranges. It design reasonably, both exterior and interior structure are advanced. Made of the highest quality of stainless steel, it is made for the commercial business environment. Characteristics of the machine are: no antiseptic, coloring matter, essence & water in the fresh juice. It is totally different with another juice in the market. Use these kinds of machine you just need to antisepsis and wash fresh oranges, the machine will peel the skin, producing fresh juices, filtrate automatically. This product is well-designed and advanced, all the material are safety by stainless steel and PC plastic.

commercial orange juice machinecommercial fresh squeezed orange juice machine

The manual juicer is smaller in size and cheaper in price, because there is no motor, so there will be no noise, but the juice extraction speed is relatively slow, you need to manually cut and put it into the squeeze, which takes more time. So we can choose the appropriate juice extraction equipment according to our actual needs. NewSaier can meet your various needs.

commercial fresh squeezed orange juice machine

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