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What is Sugarcane Juicer machine? How to distinguish the quality of sugar cane machine?

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Sugar cane juice machine, as the name suggests, is a machine that squeezes sugar cane into juice. The structure of the machine is to turn the shaft to the center, squeeze each other, crush the sugar cane, and juice.

 Sugarcane Juicer



How to choose the quality?

1. The machine must be easy to operate, especially for cleaning.

2. The quality is durable and there will be no frequently replaced parts.

3. The speed must be slow, at least below 100 rpm, preferably 70-90 rpm. Beyond this speed, the high temperature generated by the instant friction will cause the juice to oxidize quickly and lose its activity.

4. Power is a criterion for evaluating the efficiency of a juicer. The high-powered juicer not only saves time, but more importantly, it squeezes the fruit cleaner.

5. The filter screen is a key accessory in a juicer and an important criterion for evaluating the durability of a juicer. The ideal filter should have a smooth surface and be easy to clean.

 Sugarcane Juicer

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