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What changes our lifestyle? -Self-service orange juice vending machine

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The development of self-service orange juice vending machine has a great impact on people's lives. Healthy and nutritious diets are welcomed, and self-service fresh orange juice machine just meet the needs of consumers.

In recent years, the development and popularization of mobile payment technology has changed, consumer habits have led the domestic self-service fresh juice vending machine industry, no matter the number of machines ,or markets, are gradually expanding . Self-service fresh juice vending machines are increasingly changing the way of lifestyle.


At present, the mainstream self-service fresh juice vending machines includes freshly squeezed orange juice machines, freshly squeezed apple juice machines, coconut juice machines, etc. Generally speaking, fresh squeezed orange juice machines have the best market share. The freshly squeezed orange juice machine is the earliest and has developed more maturely. The juice extraction process and the supply of whole oranges have also been improved.

New Saier's self-developed freshly squeezed orange juice machine, let us drink the freshly squeezed orange juice black technology in 40 seconds. In order to deliver a cup of fresh, high-quality, freshly squeezed orange juice filled with vitamin C to every consumer who pursues health, New Saier Technology adheres to the "whole fruit extraction" low-temperature cold-pressing method. The fresh orange peel is peeled off by the juice module. At the same time as it is thrown, the pulp is instantaneously cold pressed to 10 microns, and the contained vitamin C is retained to the greatest extent. The extremely fine and uniform fiber particles make the nutrients easier to absorb.

The self-service juicer is healthy and convenient, and it is subtly changing the lifestyle of modern people. Early morning breakfast is no longer just soy milk but 45 seconds freshly squeezed pure orange juice to supplement nutrition and energy. Freshly squeezed orange juice machine is such a convenient visual unmanned self-service vending machine that leads people into a new era of health and convenience!

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