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What are the advantages of cross-border "unmanned retail"?

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What pain points can unmanned retail solve? It is the business hours and manpower issues. For example, the Spring Festival is approaching. I went to a nearby shopping mall. Some shops are closed during the holidays, or are open within a certain period of time. I want to buy a cup of coffee and it becomes inconvenient, but I have self-service Coffee vending machine, I can place an order directly at the self-service coffee vending machine, and I can drink a cup of hot coffee immediately.

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Especially in places such as office buildings, schools, stations and airports, which have a certain degree of closure, take-out and self-service coffee vending machines are the best solution for office workers’ afternoon tea, and take-out also requires time and logistics costs, unmanned self-service sales The immediacy of the machine highlights its advantages.

Compared with traditional beverage stores, self-service cashier vending machines are installed, which saves the cost of renting and decoration in the store. It occupies a small and flexible area, is closer to consumers, has a lighter scene, and takes less time to make finished products. Experts have calculated that by installing self-service sales terminals such as self-service vending machines, retailers can achieve 5-6 times the efficiency of traditional stores. In addition, Rui Lucky Camp cultivates users' consumption habits with low price, high quality and high efficiency, and uses its own brand to launch self-service coffee vending machines, which is easier to promote than other self-service coffee vending machines on the market.


Self-service coffee vending machines have many benefits, but there are also certain problems to be solved. Unlike catering, retail gross margins are lower. Although the unmanned self-service vending machine saves a certain amount of venue rent and labor costs, the cargo damage rate is one of the obstacles of the unmanned self-service vending machine. When the intelligent system of the self-service vending machine shows that there is a shortage of goods, replenishment and equipment maintenance of the self-service vending machine can be carried out at any time.

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It can be said that in unmanned retail, the intelligent system behind the self-service vending machine plays an important role. Some of the more advanced self-service vending machine manufacturers have developed self-service vending machines that can carry out replenishment warnings, and can also perform functions such as warehousing, logistics, quality management, and purchase forecasts according to the region, weather and consumer groups.

The prospects and scene applications of unmanned self-service vending machines need to be improved and improved. NewSaier's entry into "unmanned retail" is believed to be a useful new attempt.

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