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Vending machine operating elements ----Types

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From the point of view of merchandising, there are many types of vending machines. Let me give you a summary. It can be briefly summarized as three types:

1. Comprehensive vending machine

The comprehensive vending machine is like the vending machine of the small e-micro shop, with drinks (water, dairy products, tea beverages, etc.), snack foods (chicken claws, nuts, rice noodles, chocolate, etc.), instant food (noodles, beef soup) , Bread, ham, self-healing pots, etc.) are the products that are frequently consumed by the public in daily life, and of course, according to the seasons, events, and festivals, they will mainly promote products of a certain type or a certain type or a certain brand, such as Today's more seasonal cherries in the North, or cooperate with a certain brand, mainly promote a new type of tea or fast-food single products and so on.

2. Single product vending machine

A single-product vending machine is a vending machine that sells only one kind of commodity. The more common ones are coconut vending machines, freshly squeezed orange juice vending machines, coffee vending machines, and so on. Water stations in the community can also be included in this category. There are also blind box machines that sound relatively fresh and seem to be relatively hot, which can also be counted as such vending machines. You can also develop a single product and then place a single product vending machine, but you must think clearly about whether there is market demand for this single product. I still have a hard time imagining who would buy coconuts through a vending machine that only sells coconuts.

3. Category vending machine

We should also see such vending machines in our lives. For example, they only sell all kinds of beverages under Nongfu Spring, such as milk drinks that only sell Yili brand, or vending machines that sell only one category of goods, such as adult products.

The three types of vending machines have their own advantages. The comprehensive vending machine has a wide scope of application and the user's consumption will be more sustained. The single-product vending machine is more suitable for creating explosive models (freshly squeezed orange juice vending machines) or catering to just needs (water station) ); Category vending machines may be better to talk about business cooperation. Therefore, in the specific operation, you can choose the appropriate vending machine type according to the needs of the scene and your own development strategy, or customize the flexible launch plan of the three types of vending machines.

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