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Vending machine for 127th Canton Fair

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The 127th Canton Fair will be held online from June 15 to 24, and New Saier has made full preparations for the Canton Fair. Our products line includes: vending machines, ice cream vending machines, orange juice vending machines, orange juice machines and extractors, lemon juicer, pineapple peeling machines, mask making machines.

fresh orange juice vending machine

According to the official website of the Canton Fair, the website of the Canton Fair has been completely revised. One is to establish an online display docking platform, strengthen the supply and procurement docking service, and increase online matching efforts so that exhibitors and merchants can "go in, find, and talk ". The second is to establish a cross-border e-commerce zone to expand the scope of beneficiary enterprises. The third is to provide live marketing services and set up a 24-hour live broadcast room for each company. 

The organizer of the Canton Fair is making every effort to increase the invitation of overseas buyers. The relevant person in charge said that invitations have been issued to hundreds of thousands of buyers who have participated in the Canton Fair, to more than 100 partners of the Canton Fair, to the world ’s top 250 retail companies, important industrial and commercial organizations, and large multinational procurement companies, and More than 20 "cloud promotion" remote video connection investment promotion activities were held. At the same time, it is carrying out global new media marketing and actively inviting domestic buyers to help companies expand domestic sales channels.

We expect to meet you online!

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