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Unmanned sale of self-service juicer: can it become a Blue Sea where unmanned retail and fresh food industry collide?

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For the self-service juicer, I believe many people will not feel strange. With the development of mobile payment technology and changes in consumer habits, self-service vending machines and unmanned self-service juicers selling beverages, snacks and other commodities have sprung up in shopping malls, subway stations, airports, high-speed rail stations, and office buildings in various cities. Waiting for places with denser traffic.

orange juice vending machine

At the same time, today's unmanned retailing field has become more and more fierce compared to the coldness of previous years. Brand companies with more supply chain advantages and channel resources have come together, on the one hand, it has brought different directions to the industry, on the other hand, due to the relatively large changes in the consumption environment, consumption awareness, and consumption habits of the main consumer groups, It also allows brand companies to start thinking about how to deploy unmanned retail channels in the market.

Based on this, the development prospects of self-service juicers in the unmanned retail format in the market are very broad, but in the profit model and unmanned retail, continuous innovation and new opportunities need to be explored.

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