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The point where the average daily sales volume of freshly squeezed juicers exceeds one hundred has these characteristics

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Under the demand for consumption upgrades, people pay more and more attention to healthy consumption, and the freshly squeezed juice vending machine has emerged in major shopping malls in line with the development of the times, becoming a new direction for entrepreneurs to invest. However, as a new industry, the freshly squeezed orange juice machine is actually not familiar to many people, and has taken a lot of detours, especially the problem of choosing a location. What are the characteristics of the points where the average daily sales exceed 100?

orange juice vending machine

Choose crowded locations: shopping malls, pedestrian streets, subway stations, etc.

The flow of people is an important factor in the profitability of fresh juice extractors. Places such as shopping malls, pedestrian streets, subway stations and other crowded places are most suitable for placing fresh juice extractors. The flow of people is large, and the probability of customer acquisition is large. The impactful appearance of the freshly squeezed juicer will attract more people to buy drinks. It is the most suitable for freshly squeezed juice machine. Now people generally like to drink juice drinks when they go out.Freshly squeezed orange juice machine has achieved good results in the mall. The average daily sales volume is 50-80 cups, and some of them are even better. It can reach more than 100 cups, which is better than fruit bar sales.

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