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The easiest way to peel pineapple, do you want to know?

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When our age begins to grow, resistance begins to decline, various diseases will come to the door. If we can eat more fruits and add a lot of vitamins, we can resist many diseases.

pineapple machine

Pineapple is one of the fruits that everyone loves very much, and it is fully capable of supplementing vitamins. It is not only rich in vitamins, but also has a very good taste. But the only disadvantage is that the peeling work is more difficult. The common one is manual peeling of pineapple. Manual peeling is laborious, time-consuming, and unhygienic.


Our pineapple peeler machine can not only peel, but also core. 304 Stainless steel, it fully complies with national food safety standards. There are 88mm and 100mm blade options at the same time. Facing a variety of needs, the operation is simple and saves time and effort.

pineapple machinepineapple machine 




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