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One vending machine, 5 ways to make money, don’t you want it?

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 Diversification for profit of orange juice vending machine

1) Sales revenue

2) Device advertising screen advertising revenue

3) Device body advertising revenue

4) Headquarters advertising revenue

5) Equipment distribution profit

 orange juicer vending machine

Our orange juice vending machines have large screens that can be advertised, so that the vending machine has another skill to make money, and the fuselage can also do very good advertising. 

Compared with traditional physical retail stores, this not only reduces the cost of media advertising investment, 

but also can cooperate with other merchants to let them playadvertisements on vending machines and increase advertising revenue;  

 orange juice vending machine

In the future development, new retail vending machines must far exceed physical stores, which is the need of the times. Vending machines have experienced a series of difficult twists and turns from traditional immature technology, and now the technology level has been greatly improved. We also believe that new things will inevitably beat old ones!


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