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NEW SAIER Fresh orange juice vending machine

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1. Features:

orange juice vending machine cost

Intelligent vending system, unattended (automatic juice extraction and cupping after payment)

Advanced juice extraction system (the whole orange is directly juiced without affecting the taste of orange juice)

Visual juice extraction process (visual window, fresh extraction process, zero addition)

Constant temperature refrigeration of the whole machine (constant temperature preservation, ozone sterilization)

Anti-pinch hand induction cup taking device

OEM customization (appearance and language customization)

Diversified payment methods (Alipay, WeChat, banknotes, coins, credit cards, etc.)

Mobile computer to view sales data

2. Application scenarios

Airports, subway stations, scenic spots, hospitals, shopping malls, supermarkets, schools, etc.

orange juice vending machine Applictaion

3. Successful case

Our domestic delivery locations: Shanghai, Guizhou, Yangzhou,etc.

Export to foreign countries: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Ecuador, Portugal and other regions have machines put in

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