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Market analysis of ice cream vending machine

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Compared with other types of vending machines, young people are obviously more fond of ice cream vending machines. The sale of this type of model attracts consumers not only because of its exquisite shape and strong perception, but also because it can bring customers a surprising consumption experience.

ice cream vending machine

In the product, the automatic cutting is accurate, making ice cream of various colors and shapes is easy, and the taste is also accurate to the best. In terms of interactive experience, it combines a self-service consumption model and continuously develops artificial intelligence technology to provide diverse interactive service experiences.

According to statistics, the annual consumption of ice cream in China is close to 5 million tons. In other words, almost 4 out of 10 people in China have the habit of eating ice cream. China’s ice cream market uses more than 100 billion yuan, but in terms of per capita ice cream consumption, it has not yet squeezed into the world’s top 20, and the increase is considerable.

According to the data of China Industry Information, the compound annual growth rate of my country's ice cream production and sales has been maintained at about 10% in the past 10 years. People are willing to line up for a cup of Internet celebrity milk tea for hours, and hope to quickly buy a cup of drink or hot coffee when they are on the way. Self-service vending machines provide more choices and indicate a broad market. Ice cream vending machines are now available. Health, landing frequently.

soft ice cream vending machine

As a novel selling method, ice cream vending machines are favored by urban fashion men and women. With the continuous advancement of urbanization, the population continues to be concentrated, and the area of public spaces such as office buildings and subways suitable for vending machines is also increasing. Smart vending machines are facing the eve of a blowout, and the future market space is vast. Who can stand out depends entirely on whether they can seize the opportunity.

In addition, the purpose of selling is not just selling. Unlike retail ice creams such as supermarkets and convenience stores, ice cream vending machines are not only simple sales, but form a benign consumption loop of production, sales, promotion, and profit. Compared with traditional channels, the advantages are obvious.

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